Are you out of balance?You’re PASSIONATE about living a life less ordinary…

… yet you feel a bit lost, like it’s JUST not going to happen.

You KNOW you can do SPECTACULAR things with your gifts…

… yet you lack the motivation and energy.

You’re doing ALL THE RIGHT THINGS… yoga, meditation, gratitude journalling…

You even drink the green smoothies (sometimes!)

- and yet you still find yourself being LESS than the BEST SELF you imagined.

You fall off the bandwagon because, honestly, you’re not as far along as you thought you’d be;

Still yelling at the kids, in a relationship which feels strained, living at a hectic pace…

and, well, overindulging in those cheeky treats a little TOO much…

You’re LOSING FAITH that you CAN have a thriving inner life,

and you don’t understand how it’s so DAMN HARD…

WHERE is the inner peace? That MAGIC you hear about?





Relax. I’ve got you. I’m here for YOU, wholly and compassionately.

You CAN be the HIGHEST POSSIBLE VERSION of yourself.

You CAN feel deeply and TRULY CONNECTED with your life goals.

You can reap the astronomical REWARDS OF YOUR DAILY PRACTICES.

You can ENGAGE WHOLEHEARTEDLY in the things and people you choose.

You can get through this with EASE and GRACE.


In fact, you’re ALMOST THERE, and I’m the last step.

Step right in, lovely. Because this is where it all begins.

And let me tell you, it’s a BEAUTIFUL time to begin.

Zoë Foster